Welcome to Roboka


Roboka™ is the leading provider for a safe Hot-Work environment using pressurized welding enclosures, also known as "habitats". We utilize the unique Tri-Diamond™ design manufactured in the U.S.A.. Our design and solutions provides the oil & gas and petrochemical industries with the best safety solutions for performing Hot-Work in classified areas. Roboka™ also provides automatic safety shutdown systems to be used with the habitats based upon client’s needs.

Roboka™ provides our clients with the proper safety measures that meet their needs and requirements in an ever changing world. We do not offer simple standardized products; Roboka™ provides you with tailor made solutions for each situation. We want to provide the right solution for the client while keeping the price affordable.

Roboka™ only uses certified Hot-Work safety technicians to erect, operate and maintain habitats and the associated automatic shutdown systems.

We are here to make a difference in the market of making Hot-Work safe. We pledge to our customers that we will always provide superior quality in products and services.

TUFF as a Diamond™ is our motto and we stand by it.